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Lesbian Historic Motif Project: Celebrating Entry #100 & Mystic Marriage Give-Away!

Friday, April 3, 2015 - 10:34
ETA 2015/04/21: The contest is now closed. Thanks to all who entered! When I started posting the Lesbian Historic Motif Project last June, I refused to speculate on how long I’d keep it going. Better just to see where it went. So now here we are at publication #100! And here I am just a couple weeks short of the release of my second novel The Mystic Marriage! So let’s celebrate both those events with a give-away. Here’s the deal: tell everyone about your favorite LHMP posting and win a chance at a free e-book of The Mystic Marriage. (Here’s the comprehensive index to refresh your memory, or you can just page through using the LHMP tag.) Of course, in order to be eligible, I have to know that you’re participating, so here are the logistics:
  • On Twitter: Post a link to your favorite LHMP entry and tell why you like it, then add the hashtag #LHMP100 or @ me @heatherosejones or both.
  • On Facebook: Post a link to your favorite LHMP entry and tell why you like it, then drop me an email to say you’ve done so (LHMP100 at heatherrosejones dot com). Feel free to urge people to check out The Mystic Marriage at the same time, but it’s not required. I’m not confident of the reliability of fb to get me notifications, so please notify me.
  • Elsewhere (LJ or similar, personal blogs, and whatnot): Same as for facebook: post a link in your blog or forum, tell people why you like the post and how you're looking forward to The Mystic Marriage, then drop me an e-mail to let me know (and, if you like, send me a link to your post).
Please be careful about only participating in appropriate spaces, either your own account/blog or groups/forums where such postings are acceptable. I’d hate for the LHMP to become considered spam! The contest will run from when this blog post goes up until release day, April 20 (end of day, by whatever your local date-stamp is). Winner(s) will be determined by random number generator. The number of winners will depend on the number of entries and I’ll notify you by whatever contact means you’ve provided to me. Notes 1. Don’t get too tied up in knots about picking a favorite! 2. Available formats include epub, mobi, and pdf. 3. The intent is to have one contest entry per person, not per posting. So feel free to have multiple favorite entries, but I'll be making the selection among unique people. 4. To preserve the appearance of impartiality, immediate family members won't be eligible to win, but feel free to post!