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Interviews and Guest Blogs

The podcast Skiffy and Fanty interviews me for their "signal boost" feature. I talk about the Alpennia series and the Lesbian Historic Motif Project.

Skiffy and Fanty Podcast Interview: Signal Boost #6: Sophia Chester and Heather Rose Jones

J. Scott Coatsworth interviews me for his blog.

Author Spotlight: Heather Rose Jones:

This is a recording of a group of six Bella Books authors doing a group reading and discussion at Laurel Bookstore in Oakland CA on 2017/02/19. I do a short reading from Mother of Souls.

Bella Books Authors - Reading and Discussion at Laurel Bookstore: You Tube Video of Laurel Bookstore Reading

When I was in Kansas City for Worldcon in August 2016, Elizabeth Andersen took the opportunity to interview me for her radio program "The Tenth Voice" on KKFI. The show was broadcast on October 15, 2016 and Elizabeth provided a link to an mp3 of the interview by itself on Google Drive. The whole show will be availabe as an archive later and I'll add a link to it as well. We talked about my historic research, my writing process, the Alpennia series, and a number of other things.

The Tenth Voice (interview): The Tenth Voice

A discussion about my writing and research and who I think the target audience for the Alpennia series is.

Author Interview: Let's Get Beyond Tolerance

Interview with me at Diana L Gunn's site.

Author Spotlight: The Dabbler

A guest-blog talking about some of my inspirations for "The Mazarinette and the Musketeer".

The Wild and Wacky Queer Women of 17th Century Europe: The Lesbian Review

E.P. Beaumont interviews me about my interests in historic cookery and how I use cuisine as a worldbuilding tool in Alpennia.

Muse of Research: Muse of Research II: Food As World Building (Heather Rose Jones)

My publisher, Bella Books, is doing a series of Q&A blogs with their authors. Check out my answer to "do I have any writing rituals?"

Bella Books Blog - Writing Rituals: Author Q&A: Heather Rose Jones

Dedicating all of February to F/F fiction! Joining us for day 7 of F/February is Heather Rose Jones, here to talk about The Mystic Marriage.

F/February: The Mystic Marriage by Heather Rose Jones: Lloyd Reads