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LGBT SFF Storybundle: Tenea D. Johnson Guest Post

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - 08:50

The deadline is fast approaching, but here's another guest post from a LGBT SFF Storybundle author!

Tenea D. Johnson writes:

It’s a good time to read Smoketown. A place that’s given in to its own fears to the extent that its people are living an unnatural life in a restricted place doesn’t seem so extraordinary at the moment. But even in such places there’s still magic, and when enough people pursue their goals in spite of restriction they can change anything. They can change everything.

Collective action is sometimes just accumulated will and unbeknownst to them, people can save each other, even if some only meant to save themselves. Smoketown is a story about that, among other things. It’s also about hope lost and regained. And really there’s never a bad time for that.

Until June 28th it's available in a storybundle with (12 other awesome titles) that allows you to donate to Rainbow Railroad (which helps LGBT+ folks escape state-sponsored violence).

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