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Not my usual sort of book post! Those who have followed this blog for a very long time may recall that I've been posted edited versions of the Civil War diaries of Abiel Teeple LaForge, my great-great-grandfather. Hidden Gems: Margaret Getchell LaForge by Stephaie Forshee is about the amazing and talented woman who later married him: Margaret Getchell (LaForge), who was a top executive of Macy's Department Store.

As part of the Great Twitter Migration, I'm doing several things.

You've been asking about this for years -- long before it was a glimmer of a project. But now it's out in the world. Daughter of Mystery has an audiobook from Tantor Media, narrated by Kitty Kelly. Here's the Books2Read link page with all the audio outlets I've tracked down and added so far.

I started listening to the first couple of chapters while making breakfast this morning and am loving it! (I'll probably add it into my sleep-listening rotation.)

A book release, along with all the anxiety and frenetic activity, means a chance to do things like appear on someone else's podcast to talk about my work. This week, I chatted with the folks at Writers Drinking Coffee (who also--ahem--happen to be personal friends) about The Language of Roses, fairy tale retellings, how the pandemic upended our writing routines, and other sorts of stuff.

People have been asking about the meanings of the various rose colors and flowers mentioned in The Language of Roses. I thought about doing a multi-part social media campaign, like I did with the lead-up to the book release, but then figured it made more sense to put it all in one place.

Happy book birthday to my thorny little fairy tale! I'm really enjoying seeing posts from readers as they devour their copies -- some have even gotten their hands on hard copies already, which is ahead of me! (I'm waiting to do my ceremonial post-release re-read until I have the physical copy and can enjoy the interior illustrations.) Most likely, if you're reading this blog, you're already a fan of some subset of my writing. So I'm going to do a big ask, even though I always feel very self-conscious about this sort of thing.

I haven't mentioned this anywhere except on my Discord previously, because I wasn't sure what the timeline was, but...

Daughter of Mystery is going to be an audiobook!!!

It's being put out by Tantor Media with a released date of June 7 listed. Spread the word to everyone who's been asking if Alpenia would ever be available in audio. Sales of the first book will affect whether they decide to pick up the rest of hte series.

You can now pre-order The Language of Roses from the publisher -- Queen of Swords Press! You know, I really do need to get an author newsletter out...

Back in the Spring of 2017, I was invited to join a "girls go to Disneyland" trip by some local friends. At the end of the visit, a bunch of us took in the newly released live-action Disney "Beauty and the Beast." That got me thinking about how the B&B "script" is replayed time and again in media, even when people claim to be subverting the story, I got to pondering. And the pondering turned into some characters. And the characters turned into a story.


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