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Released in 2015

Cover image for The Mystic Marriage

The Mystic Marriage

A Novel of Alpennia
Heather Rose Jones

ISBN-13: 978-1594934414
Trade paper, 358 pp, $17.95
E-book $9.99
April 2015
Bella Books, Inc.

Antuniet Chazillen lost everything the night her brother was executed. In exile, she swore that treason would not be the final chapter of the Chazillen legacy in Alpennia’s history. A long-hidden book of alchemical secrets provides the first hope of success, but her return to the capital is haunted by an enemy who wants those secrets for himself.

Jeanne, Vicomtesse de Cherdillac is bored. The Rotenek season is flat, her latest lover has grown tediously jealous and her usual crowd of friends fails to amuse. When Antuniet turns up on her doorstep seeking patronage for her alchemy experiments, what begins as amusement turns to interest, then something deeper. But Antuniet’s work draws danger that threatens even the crown of Alpennia.

The alchemy of precious gems throws two women into a crucible of adversity, but it is the alchemy of the human heart that transforms them both in this breathtaking follow-up to the widely acclaimed Daughter of Mystery.

Released in 2014

Daughter of Mystery cover


A Novel of Alpennia
Heather Rose Jones

ISBN 13: 978-1-59493-381-3
Trade paper, 304 pp, $16.95
E-book $9.99
January 2014
Bella Books, Inc.

Margerit Sovitre did not expect to inherit Baron Saveze’s fortunes—even less his bodyguard, a ruthlessly efficient swordswoman known only as Barbara. Wealth suddenly makes Margerit a highly eligible heiress and buys her the enmity of the new Baron. He had expected to inherit all, and now eyes her fortune with open envy.

Barbara proudly served as the old Baron’s duelist but she had expected his death to make her a free woman. Bitterness turns to determination when she finds herself the only force that stands between Margerit and the new Baron’s greed.

At first Margerit protests the need for Barbara’s services, but soon she cannot imagine sending Barbara away. And Barbara’s duty has become something far more hazardous to her heart than the point of a sword. But greater dangers loom than one man’s hatred—the Prince of Alpennia is ill. Deadly intrigue surrounds the succession and the rituals of divine power known as The Mysteries of the Saints.

Heather Rose Jones debuts with a sweeping story rich in intrigue and the clash of loyalties and love.

The Lesbian Historic Motif Project

My annotated bibliography blogging project looks at published research of interest to writing historic lesbian characters.

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[I]t’s a love story set against a background which ticks basically all my geeky boxes: The driving mystical force is theological, and it is both by logic and akin to magic. The idea that God and theology is out there to be explored and understood, and that we have the capacity to do so, and that this does not block out what is miraculous about it: I love the premise. (read more ...) (Sara Uckelman on LJ) and the same reviewer at A sweet and unusual love story, an alternate history where theology adheres to the laws of logic and of magic, an undercurrent of mystery and intrigue -- I could hardly put it down.

Dear publisher: this is My Sort Of Thing. Where do I sign up for MORE OF THIS SORT OF THING? ... This is a love story. It is also a coming-of-age. Politics enters in as well. Jones has a smooth turn of phrase and an excellent way with characterisation, although the pacing at times feels quite leisurely, and the fact that the main characters have academic, intellectual concerns rather delighted me. ... I am immensely interested in seeing more from this author in years to come. (Liz Bourke)

I just finished "Daughter of Mystery" and want to know when we can expect a sequel! (Gunnvor at

This story gets more interesting, more complicated, and more dangerous with every chapter. I read it all in one long day, and found myself with a tear in my eye and then laughing three sentences later. Highly recommended! (Laurie Cavanaugh at

I enjoy reading historical fiction, and this is one of the best I've read in a while. (Blue Dancer at

As a swashbuckling novel, there are the classic inheritance conflicts, mysterious parentage, swordplay, political dangers, dastardly plots, romance, and a manuscript that contains key revelations. The romance is sweet and true, but hardly free from obstacles: it's important to the plot, but there's so much else going on that it's not the only important thing. (Chris Laning at

I liked the pace with which the story was developed and the fact that the author ... neglected none of the subplots. (Penny at Goodreads)

A pleasant surprise. (Truevilgenius at Goodreads)

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