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Tis the Season - A Random Book Give-away

Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 22:00

'Tis the season for the giving of gifts. And so, completely randomly, I want to give some person a gift. Comment here with the title of one of the books covered on the Lesbian Historic Motif Project blog that you desperately want to own. I will pick a winner semi-randomly (*) and send it to you. This offer is not limited by geography but applies to either hard-copy or (if available) e-book, as preferred.

(*) The "semi" random aspect is that if the first chosen recipient wants a book that simply can't be had for love or money, I'll move on to the next. But I don't think I've covered any books that are totally unobtainable.

Entries may be commented at any time up through the end of 2018, after which a winner will be announced.

(Yes, this is really a test to see if anyone actually reads this blog.)

Here's the index of books covered by the project, for browsing purposes. Only books, not individual journal articles, because I have no idea how to fulfill those.

Rando porno-bots are not eligible.

Yes, I'm serious about this.

P.S., if you're reading this through the RSS feed (like, on Dreamwidth or something) you have to click through to comment on the blog.

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