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LHMP: More Literary Relationship Tags

Monday, February 6, 2017 - 07:41

Are you tired yet of me passing off project housekeeping tasks as blog content? No? Well, ok then.

This week I completed adding descriptions and doing housekeeping on the tags I've grouped as "Literary Relationships - Same-Sex Love". They're down at the bottom of this page, if you want to check them out.

I also came up with a much more efficient solution for the tag links in these essays than adding them as actual tags. Kind of a "Doh!" moment, as a matter of fact. So instead of listing the tags as actual tags (and therefore having the break up the tag-exploration essays into multiple parts to avoid hitting the character limit for tags), I've changed them to links from the listings themselves. This allowed me to get rid of a lot of the separate tag sub-essays (that were split off solely to avoid that character limit), though I've still broken up the current group into six separate essays just for readability. The main thing this means is that the list of LHMP essays at the top of the access page is no longer quite so bloated. (When we set up the page structure so that it always lists the essays first, I wasn't thinking that I'd be using that content format for quite so many things. But I'm holding off on contemplating any major site reorganization for quite a while, lest my webmasters kill me.)

I want to reiterate that the groupings in the "People/Publication/Event" tag essays aren't meant to be exclusive, but simply a way of exploring related topics. Any given person or publication could easily fall into multiple groupings. I've chosen one based on what topic they seem a "best example" of. Don't read too much into it. But I seriously encourage people to explore them in idle moments.

Based on my current rate of progress, I should finish up with the tag housekeeping in not more than four more sessions and then I promise I'll get back to new material! I've been reading and taking notes on a fascinating book on representations of non-normative sexuality in medieval art, so that should be the first up. After that, I've been getting multiple requests to do a podcast on Catalina de Erauso and you've all succeeded in bumping her up to the top of my "do next" list, which means two books to cover. Never doubt that I can be influenced by evidence that people are reading and listening! Taking a site-housekeeping break from new publications has enabled me to get settled back into my fiction writing routine, but I'm more than ready to get back to the publication backlog.

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