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Lesbian Historic Motif Project: #102i Habib 2009 "From “Kanz Al-Umal” by Al-Mutqee Al-Hindi (ca. 1597)"

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Habib, Samar. 2009. Arabo-Islamic Texts on Female Homosexuality: 850-1780 A.D. Teneo Press, Youngstown. ISBN 978-1-934844-11-3

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This book makes a good companion volume to Habib's other works as it provides a comprehensive set of the texts she's working with. (The relevant parts of them, at least.) It also includes the text of two lectures that provide background and context for the texts themselves.

Historic Texts: From “Kanz Al-Umal” by Al-Mutqee Al-Hindi (ca. 1597)

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References to legal prohibitions on both female and male homosexuality.

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