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Heather Rose Jones

Event session

Knowing Your Character's Cultural Priorities and Personal Rebellions

What does utopia look like if you're queer or female?

Planning Long Term Arcs for Plots and Characters.

Much of modern speculative fiction has roots in ancient mythology. We'll explore how myth and fiction play together, and how myth has shaped fiction over time.

Readings from current and recent projects.

Join our panelists for a nuts and bolts discussion from personal experiences in the brave new world of Social Media as Writer and/or Author. What platforms work, and for for what? How do you get followers/fans? What is the most effective way to reach people who will buy my books, not just other writers? How do you keep these people engaged and interacting on your networks?

Our host asks obscure questions which exist not to be answered but to encourage panelists to tell us what they know (or what they can make up) about the subject. Points are awarded for interesting answers, regardless of their correctness or relevance to the original topic.

Authors, artists, and musicians gather in one room for signing/book-selling/chatting with fans.

Sometimes the greatest thing since sliced bread isn't your cup of tea. How do you handle it when everyone around you is singing the praises of something that just didn't click for you? Is it OK to dislike something even if it's changing the world? Can you appreciate it for what it tried to do even if it didn't do it for you? Are there ways to still usefully participate in the conversation?

Music is an important part of many stories, but writing about it presents an innate paradox: music is sound, while the page of a book is silent. How do you capture song through words alone? This panel will discuss the role of music in various works of literature and the methods writers have used to tackle this challenge.


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