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Stories set in other worlds.


Alpennia #5 - that's all you need to know for now. Publication date is a place-holder as it hasn't even been written yet.

When the battle turned, she sacrificed herself to let her people escape. But even as a prisoner, she may prove victorious.

German translation of "Skin Deep".

German translation of "By the Skin of her Teeth".

German translation of "More Than One Way".

German translation of "Skins".

The Marchalt of Wilentelu has sent Ashóli as an emmissary to the Kaltaoven villages in his domain. But one village hides a dark secret and will go to extremes to protect it.

Ashóli and Eysla come to the city of Wilentelu to sell horses, but if they want to stay they must bargain with the city's ruler.

You can't go home again. And that went double for Eysla, after Ashóli broke the rules of the Kaltaoven and created a skin-song for one not of the tribe.

Laaki has taken on an apprentice skinsinger, but when a stranger takes refuge in the village, Ashóli has her own idea of how best to help.


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