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Heather Rose Jones

Event session

Your second-best chance to find me in a specific place! I will most likely be reading from Floodtide, though possibly some snippets from other not-yet-published stories. Looking for a quiet place to sit during the last afternoon of the convention? Haven't managed to intersect with me yet in all the crowds and bustle? Or simply want to show up for moral support? This is the time!

Podcasts have become a popular way to talk about and hear about our fannish favourites, share the latest theories and plot developments, and find new things to love. Our panellists discuss the challenges and delights of podcasting, and help you find new podcasts to check out.

Bring books, bring programmes, bring random scraps of paper, or just bring yourself and get your best chance to find me in a specific place to talk to.

What practices help with – or work against – building an online community for SFF fans and creators to enable us to support, strengthen, and celebrate each other? How does social media fit into this, and what pitfalls does it present? Our panellists will discuss building structures that can support their members and resist trolls and other organised online disruptions.

The Regency period in the UK, the time of the Napoleonic wars in most of Europe, has long been a rich source of inspiration for fantasy novels – including Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series and Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. How has the Regency been used as an inspiration for fantasy writing? Why does this period in particular have such an abiding appeal?

Podcasting for Noobs. What goes into making a weekly podcast? What equipment should the beginner consider? Other costs? Kitchen table or converted closet sound booth? Do's and Don'ts of podcasting for noobs.

Some of the great SF and Fantasy stories have their origins in myth, legend, and folklore. How have these tales grown from Yddgrasil's roots and transformed into what we could call the mythology of today?

EscapePod is one of the finalists for the Hugo for semi-prozine. They join forces with their sibling magazines to present short fiction. Come hear some of the voices of Escape Artists read.

I'll be signing next to some fairly recognizable names and some less well known (yet). Even if you don't have a book for me to sign (though they'll be available in the dealers room), come on by to say hello. As usual, I'll have some chapbooks to give away for those who don't already have them.

Categories and identity labels for gender have expanded dramatically in recent years. This panel will discuss gender identity vs. gender presentation, and untangle the range of identities across the gender spectrum: trans, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, bigender, butch, femme, and others.

(Note: I originally posted this with an oudated, longer list of participants. I assume there were scheduling asjustments for the participants who are no longer listed. And I certainly hope additional participants will be added for the actual panel!)


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