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LHMP #409 Various (Remaining Chapters)

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(various) 2014. (remaining chapters) in The Cambridge History of Gay and Lesbian Literature ed. E.L. McCallum & Mikko Tuhkanen. Cambridge University Press, New York. ISBN 978-1-107-03521-8

Publication summary: 

A collection of articles meant as a critical reference work on literature across time and space that might be considered “gay and lesbian literature.” Only articles with lesbian-relevant content will be blogged in detail.

(remaining chapters)

* * *

That takes care of all the chapters that cover pre-20th century material. Here’s what the rest of the book covers:

Part IV - Queer Modernisms

  • Danius, Sara “Black Socks, Green Threads: On Proust and the Hermeneutics of Inversion”
  • Tinsley, Omise’eke Natasha “‘This Sudden Silence’: A Brief History of the Literature of Caribbean Women Who Love Women”
  • Cole, Merrill “Modernist Poetry”
  • Gurfinkel, Helena “Queer, Cosmopolitan”

Part V - Geographies of Same-Sex Desire in the Modern World

  • Baer, Brian James “Russian Gay and Lesbian Literature”
  • Pérez-Sánchez, Gema “Spanish Literature in the Long Twentieth Century, 1898-2007”
  • Dubois, Philippe C. “French and Francophone Literature”
  • Dunton, Chris & Neville Hoad “African Literatures”
  • Bose, Brinda “Notes on Queer Politics in South Asia and Its Diaspora”
  • Sieber, Patricia “The Crucible of Space, Time, and Words: Female Same-Sex Subjectivities in Contemporary Chinese-Language Contexts”
  • Keating, Analouise “Mesoamerican Mythmaking as Queer(ed) Visionary Hermeneutics”
  • Tatonetti, Lisa “Native American Literatures”
  • Reid-Pharr, Robert “African American and African-Diasporic Writing, Post-1930”

Part VI - Genres of the Present

  • Keenaghan, Eric “Queer Poetry in the Long Twentieth Century”
  • Warner, Sara “Lesbian and Gay Drama”
  • Stevens, Hugh “Contemporary Gay and Lesbian Fiction in English”
  • Bergman, David “Autobiography”
  • Scott, Darieck “The Literature of ‘What If…?’”
  • Bronski, Michael “Gay Male and Lesbian Pulp Fiction and Mass Culture”
  • Tribunella, Eric L. “Childhood Studies: Children’s and Young Adult Literature”

Dean, Tim & Steven Ruszczycky “AIDS Literatures”

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