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LHMP #300 Boyd & Karras 1995 The Interrogation of a Male Transvestite Prostitute in Fourteenth-Century London

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Boyd, David Lorenzo & Ruth Mazo Karras. 1995. "The Interrogation of a Male Transvestite Prostitute in Fourteenth-Century London" in GLQ vol. 1, 459-465.

Sometimes being a completist means including publications that are simply summarized as "see this other publication by the same author." Sorry to disappoint.

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This is a preliminary treatment of the legal record concerning 14th c crossdressing prostitute John/Eleanor Rykener that appears in more expanded analysis the next year as:

Karras, Ruth Mazo & David Lorenzo Boyd. 1996. “’Ut cum Muliere’ - A Male Transvestite Prostitute in Fourteenth-Century London” in Premodern Sexualities ed. by Louise Fradenburg & Carla Freccero. Routledge, New York. ISBN 0-415-91258-X

The text of the present article is included in the 1996 version largely verbatim. The one significant difference is that this 1995 article has both the Latin transcript of the record and a modern English translation while the 1996 article includes only the translation. So if you're interested in original versions of texts, then you'll need this publication as well.

But for the content, see the link to the 1996 article.

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