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Reviews of The Language of Roses

"[R]ather than fairy-tale romance of men’s animal nature being tamed we get a fairy-tale mystery which covers romance, intrigue and also women deciding to be true to themselves. The romance here is the emotional beats left unsaid until the last minute and they really pack a punch."

"A lyrical, original, queer take on Beauty and the Beast, perfect for those who love historical retellings and thought-provoking emotional journeys."

"...explores the many guises beasts can appear around us, and finding the power to overcome and walk away."

Anders, Goodreads

"[T]he writing and the characterization remain as skillful as ever. This is a book well worth your attention."

James Nicoll, James Nicoll Reviews

"A beguiling and intriguing retelling of Beauty and the Beast: as dreamlike as Renoir's cinema, but far more intense."

Stacey Harris, Goodreads

"You don't have to forgive, even if they changed, even if they didn't mean it and even if they're sorry. Your feelings matter. Your pain matters. And the book does an amazing job in embodying that."

Martina Weiss, Goodreads

"The Language of Roses was absolutely beautiful and heart-wrenching and oh so believable beneath the veneer of magic."

"...a surprising and well written retelling of one of the classic tales."

"...amongst the most original retellings of this tale I've read ... There's no personal redemption to be had here, but there's still the love that transforms."

Marquise, Goodreads

"To be asked to marry and to be in love with someone-- one of those things is easier than the other, on any level. ... A beautiful spin of Beauty and the Beast."

Steph, Goodreads