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Random stuff

Saturday, April 25, 2015 - 20:11
1) Yay, the historic novel by Samar Habib was delivered today, so I'm going to do my best to get it read in time to add a review at the end of covering the two non-fiction books of hers. 2) I'm going to try to do a garden post tomorrow with lots of pictures. I'm feeling really happy about this year's garden & orchard. And it looks like I just may have gotten the right combination for Enough Summer Squash. (I.e., way more than any reasonable human can eat.) 3) I had a lovely day today at 's birthday party. The group of us hiked off to a beach near Santa Cruz (the theory was to find some tide pools as well, but we made do with some delightfully deep fern-lined sea caves). There was picnicking, sand castle building, wave-wading, and long chats with some folks I'd never talked much with before. And a fair amount of lying on the beach in the sun with a hat covering my face, just soaking up the sun. 4) and I have decided to skip Kalamazoo this year (multiple reasons, but in part not wanting to get into a rut for the sake of tradition) and instead I'm going out to NYC for the last week in May. The planned schedule includes to Broadway shows: Alison Bechdel's autobiographic Fun Home, and Hand to God (because it's what's playing at 's theatre currently, so of course I have to see it!). Other than that (and hanging out with my girlfriend, of course) I'm always interested in meeting up with people I know online but have never met in person (or barely met in person). My standard NYC trip for the past few years has been Thanksgiving week which is a really bad time for expecting people to have openings in their social schedule. Maybe I'll have more luck this time. (I'll be there Wed-Sat.)