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My 2018 Fiction Publications

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 09:40

It is that time of year in writingdom: the time of reminding people what fiction we have put out into the world in the current calendar year. Purely for people's curiosity and amusement, of course. Not at all with any expectation or pressure for people to consider our works for award nominations.

I am relieved to be able to report that I succeeded in having one work of fiction published in 2018:

I currently have two works out on submission, but even if accepted by the current venues, they wouldn't come out this year.

But wait, there's more! This year I have also become a publisher of fiction, via the Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast. As works of historical fiction, these aren't relevant to those readers who are currently considering SFF award nomination season, but I'm very proud of my authors (as well as being proud of myself) and want to put them out there. The fourth story in the set won't be released until the end of December, so it doesn't have a link yet.

When we get closer to the actual end of the year, I'll do my year-end summary "What Hath She Wrote?" post, which details blogging, reviews, and other stuff that allows me to feel accomplished.

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