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Kalamazoo Book Intake Part 6 - The Final Chapter

Thursday, August 1, 2019 - 21:30

I finally--finally!--received the last shipment of books I bought at Kalamazoo. This is the bunch from the University of Toronto Press. It seems that, despite me having filled in my credit card information on the order form, they were waiting for me to tell them where to send an invoice. Invoice, hah! So it wasn't until I emailed asking what had happened that they actually worked on filling the order. So what did I buy? Unusually, all four books are for my "history of magic and mysticism" shelf. The place I go to get inspiration for the magical elements in my fiction.

Rampton, Martha (ed). 2018. European Magic and Witchcraft: A Reader. University of Toronto Press, Toronto. ISBN 978-1-4426-3420-6

A collection of primary sources (in translation) about magic and witchcraft, including a significant proportion of "users manuals".

Giles, Ryan D. 2017. Inscribed Power: Amulets and Magic in Early Spanish Literature. University of Toronto Press, Toronto. ISBN 978-1-4420-4607-0

A study of "word magic" and how the magical power of words used in amulets is then echoed in literary texts that describe those objects. What did written amulets mean to people, whether used directly or written about?

Page, Sophie. 2002. Astrology in Medieval Manuscripts. University of Toronto Press, Toronto. ISBN 978-1-4875-0295-9

Page, Sophie. 2002. Magic in Medieval Manuscripts. University of Toronto Press, Toronto. ISBN 978-1-4875-0294-2

These are both in a series of small "art books" presenting and discussing images on a particular theme.

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