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Floodtide Book Birthday!

Friday, November 15, 2019 - 10:09

It's the official book-birthday for Floodtide! I'm loving seeing all the mentions and recommendations washing through my social media. Such a difference from last time! (More thoughts on that, but not while I'm in the middle of celebrating.)

A brief reminder of logistics:

  • You can buy both the hard copy and all ebook formats direct from my publisher, Bella Books.
  • Ebooks will be available though other distributors in about a month. (This is a business strategy for Bella, nothing I have control over.) Bella has a handy instruction guide for side-loading their epub, mobi, and pdf formats into your favorite reader.
  • Paper copies of Floodtide can be ordered direct from all the usual online retailers, but if you have a local brick-and-mortar bookstore, even if they don't typically carry books from Bella, I encourage you to consider buying/ordering from your local business.
  • But from my point of view, the best way for you to buy my books is the one where you buy them. No matter what it is.

Bonus opportunity!

An even more brief reminder of the part you can play in Floodtide's success:

  • One-on-one word of mouth has been the most powerful factor in the success of the Alpennia series. And with Floodtide, there's an opportunity to recommend the book to people who might be daunted by plunging in to a whole series.
  • Sharing and retweeting any sort of positive social media about Floodtide helps extend visibility. I expect to keep up a major flurry for the next month or so, and every little bit helps.
  • Reviews help any book's visibility, especially if they are (also) on the major review sites like Goodreads and Amazon, though reviews on personal blogs can reach readers who might not hear about the book otherwise.
  • Amazon in particular is difficult to get review numbers on, ever since they began the "minimum shopping threshold to leave reviews" requirement. So if you're in a position to be able to leave Amazon reviews (you don't have to have bought the book there) and willing to, it can be a great help. I've given up on The Mystic Marriage or Mother of Souls ever reaching that "magic" fifty-review target, but I have hopes that Floodtide might crack it.
  • I appreciate any efforts that my fans and readers make to help spread the word about my books. And I never take it for granted or expect it as a right. Nothing I post here is intended to contradict that position or pressure you in any way.
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