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Announcing the LHMP 2019 Fiction Line-up

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - 07:09

I'm happy to announce the 2019 fiction line-up for the podcast! I haven't sorted out the appearance schedule yet, but in alphabetical order of story title, we have:

  • "Alphabet of Signs" by Ursula Whitcher, a flash piece set in Carolingian France
  • "The Black Handkerchief" by Gwen Katz, love and political uprisings in late 19th century Russia
  • "By Her Pen She Conquers" by Catherine Lundoff, the tale of an aspiring playwright in Regency-era London
  • "Jade Generals" by Ursula Whitcher, another flash piece, this time in Heian Japan
  • "The Mermaid" by Kathleen Jowitt, salvaging shipwrecks in in 18th century can turn up unexpected treasure

I'll be running the two flash pieces in the same episode.

I'm always looking for narrators who are comfortable with specific cultural settings. If you've done professional narration--or have access to the equipment and would like to give it a try--contact me about providing a sample. My preference is for a "storytelling" style with a certain amount of expressiveness and with the character voices distinguished (but not a fully "acted" performance). This is a paid gig.

Major category: