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Lesbian Historic Motif Project: #102i Habib 2009 "From “Diwan Al-Sababa” by Ibn Abi Hajala (c. 1421)"

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Habib, Samar. 2009. Arabo-Islamic Texts on Female Homosexuality: 850-1780 A.D. Teneo Press, Youngstown. ISBN 978-1-934844-11-3

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This book makes a good companion volume to Habib's other works as it provides a comprehensive set of the texts she's working with. (The relevant parts of them, at least.) It also includes the text of two lectures that provide background and context for the texts themselves.

Historic Texts: From “Diwan Al-Sababa” by Ibn Abi Hajala (c. 1421)

The following several entries finish up Habib's edition of historic Arabic texts relating to sex between women. As she notes in her discussions, after around the 13th century, the overall tone shifts from the more open-minded (though still disapproving) exploration of ideas and categories found in the earlier material to a fairly consistent condemnation. By this period, it was generally accepted that the behavior was prohibited by hadith, which left little room for argument.

To finish out the month (with a little spill-over into June) I have one more book to blog. After that, as previously announced, I'll be taking a break from posting new material to focus on my novel. I plan to post re-runs of some of my favorite publications and other associated material once a week, just to keep the Project in people's minds. And when I have another novel or two completed, I'll think about starting it up again. (Especially if I have evidence that there's a strong interest out there.)

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Criticism of a particular tribe as promiscuous, where the women are preoccupied with grinding.

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