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Alpennia Series Bundle: 1-3

Cover image for Alpennia Bundle 1-3
November, 2016

The first three volumes of the epic fantasy romance series in one eBook bundle! (No longer available.)

Daughter of Mystery
Margerit Sovitre did not expect to inherit fortunes—nor a bodyguard, ruthlessly efficient swordswoman Barbara. At first Margerit protests the need for Barbara’s services, but soon she cannot imagine sending Barbara away.

The Mystic Marriage
Jeanne, Vicomtesse de Cherdillac, is bored with the flat Rotenek season, her tediously jealous lover, and her usual crowd of friends. When Antuniet turns up on her doorstep seeking patronage for her alchemy experiments, what begins as amusement turns to interest, then something deeper.

Mother of Souls
When Serafina takes lodgings with Luzie Valorin, widowed music teacher and aspiring composer, both their lives are changed forever. Luzie’s music holds a power to rival the Mysteries, and Serafina alone has the vision to guide her talents.

Note: As of 2022/07/24 it appears that this bundle is no longer offered. I'll follow up if this changes.

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