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Welcome to Any New Visitors!

Sunday, July 25, 2021 - 10:55

If you've found your way here from the GCLS panel on historical fiction, let me give you a quick tour. The Lesbian Historic Motif Project blog has an introductory page here, or you can just browse the bibliography of works we've covered so far. The best place to start with the podcast is with our chronological index. It has links to both the audio versions and the transcripts. For my own historical fiction (as well as my fantasy publications) check out the publications tab. And if you want to follow me on social media, your best bet is Twitter, where I have a personal account as well as an account focused on the Lesbian Historic Motif Project.

If you find the LHMP interesting or valuable, the best thing you can do is tell all your friends about it. The second best thing you can do is interact with me about it in social media. The third best thing you can do is support the Patreon. (The Patreon doesn't offer much in the way of access to extras because I mostly put stuff out for free.)

And if you like my fiction and want me to continue writing it, recommend it to your friends, post reviews, send me fan mail. (I also have a Discord, for a more personal experience and hanging out with other fans. Contact me for an invitation.)

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