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Romancing the Runoff: Raise Money to Support Democracy

Thursday, November 19, 2020 - 13:26

When Romancelandia became more generally aware that Georgia voter activist Stacey Abrams was also romance author Selena Montgomery, they took her and her cause to their heart big-time. Thus was born "Romancing the Runoff", a fund-raising project to support various organizations in the state of Georgia working on voter registration, turnout, and education. While putting together a fund-raising auction with all manner of fascinating book-related stuff, they raised nearly $100,000 in direct donations. The auction doubled that in its first 24 hours.

And other than my general support of voting activism and democracy, how does this relate to the Alpennia blog? As it happens, I've donated a research paper or story critique around the topic of sapphic historical romance.  See this listing for details. (You need to set up an account to view it, I believe.) If you've ever wanted to bring the power of the Lesbian Historic Motif Project to bear on the historical context of your choice, this is your opportunity.

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