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My Worldcon Schedule

Sunday, July 30, 2017 - 12:21

I confess I'm only now getting around to posting my Worldcon schedule because, dear reader, you're either going to be there or you aren't, and if you're going, you're going to pick your program items to attend based on  topic and triaging all the wonderful possibilities, not based on whether I'm on the panel. The only plea I have is that if you're at Worldcon and haven't bumped into me yet, consider swinging by my "signing" session Friday at 1:00 to say hi. I'd be extremely surprised if any of the book dealers at the convention have my books, so I expect it to be a long lonely hour. I'm also proposing that if anyone expresses interest, I'll make myself available for a completely unofficial informal get-together immediately after my signing slot (i.e., Friday at 2:00). If you're interested, let me know.

Here's the very brief overview -- check out the link above for full details:

Thurs Aug 10 10AM - A Stitch in Time: Historical Fantasy

Friday Aug 11 1PM - Book signing

(Friday Aug 11 2PM - unofficial get-together)

Friday Aug 11 6PM - Alien Language in Science Fiction

Sunday Aug 13 3PM - History as World Building

Major category: