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Dublin 2: Wedding

Friday, August 9, 2019 - 14:52

By some miracle, I got a full night's sleep Thursday night (that is, a full night plus going to bed around 7pm), briefly interrupted by a very resonant rainstorm in the wee hours. But the placement of my room means I get no street noise, which is nice.

I went off for breakfast at a place that Yelp indicated was promising only to find that it didn't exist any more. So I wandered the streets until I found a cafe that offered scones and a place to sit with a nice view. I may go back there again. I didn't feel like I had enough time to do serious sight-seeing before taking the train south for the wedding (Liz Bourke and Charlotte Cuffe) so I spent some time in my room sorting out my Worldcon schedule (that is, the programming I want to see, as opposed to the items I'm on). Did some podcast editing. Then wandered off and found the light rail station which did a very good job of hiding itself on a side street.

The wedding was lovely and congenial. The ceremony was at the Maritime Museum in Dun Laoghaire which is a converted church (all the ambience with none of the religious restrictions), then we all took the train several more stops to the hotel where the reception was. I was one of maybe a dozen SFF-related guests and we had fun explaining why the event got so many international guests.

Tired now, and looking up the train schedule on the assumption I'm going to do my day-trip to Waterford tomorrow. I don't have a specific itinerary yet, but the train trip is a couple hours and has wifi so I can sort things out on the way. And since I've scaled down my estimate of how much walking I'm interested in doing, it looks like catching the 10:15 train is more reasonable than trying for the 7:30 one.

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