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The Alpennia Gazette is Live!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 08:11

I'm officially signing people up for my new monthly newsletter. You can sign up here. (You may notice that the sign-up form is hosted on my other website. I'm still working on integrating it with the code on this one. It won't matter for the sign-up process.)

The newsletter is planned to go out monthly, with only the occasional special notification for limited sale prices, unexpected opportunities, and other time-sensitive news. I pledge to you not to annoy you in the sign-up process with pop-up overlays, annoying recapchas or other nonsense. There is an e-mail confirmation process to make sure you really want to sign up and that's all.

Although I'll be sending out an "Issue 0" at the beginning of November to test-drive the system, the major newsletter launch period will be throughout the month of November when I'll be coordinating it with a give-away to celebrate the one year anniversary of Mother of Souls being released. So everyone who signs up before I put the December newsletter to bed will be entered for a chance to win. I promise that no matter how many of my books you've already read, there will be options among the prizes for something you don't have.


What will I be including? The regular features will be:

  • Recent and upcoming publications
  • Upcoming convention appearances and readings
  • News and excerpts of my current writing projects (no spoilers!)
  • Discussions of my writing process
  • Background information on Alpennia (history, geography, linguistics, sociology, recipes) - both new content and material I've published on my blog previously
  • Fan art (as available, and with permission, of course)

And perhaps the most exciting thing of all, you'll get exclusive access to new Alpennia short fiction when I have stories that fill in background events for the series but I don't have a commercial market for them. These stories will eventually be published in a collection, but only subscribers will get access to them at the time of writing. I don't have any ready to go yet, but there are a number of planned short works that I want to release "in timeline" as the novels come out. And my newsletter subscribers will be the first readers to see them!

If any of that sounds exciting, click the link above and sign up!

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